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Your partner for adventure and equipment for complete fjord fairy tales in Ryfylke!
- Kayakrental with needed equipment.
- Guided kayak tours.
- teambuilding.
- Event.
 Real Ryfylkeservice is Included!

We are located near the attractions Pulpitrock and Kjerag.

You can explore them both in our fjord.


Use some time in our meny at the left on this side, and you will find a lot of information.

We have tryed to make a meny with typical information around kayaking in our fjords.

You will find information about: Kayaks, tentplaces, ferrytimes, price, maps ++++




New cafe, and hostel in Flørli.

17/02/2015 22:46

A lot of new kayaks and equipment for 2015!

08/12/2014 21:59

Videos from our guided tours will come here.

25/01/2014 23:02

Guided kayak tours start 1.05.2015

15/01/2014 19:39
Guided kayaktours start 1.05.2015